Non-Payment Implications

Non-payment implications are far ranging, however you can limit the damage caused to your credit file by keeping in contact with your lender. We know that sometimes there is a temptation to bury your head in the sand and not acknowledge that there’s a problem. Stop! Your life could be so much easier and the stress and worry associated with missing or making a late payment reduced significantly.

What to do if you are having difficulty

If you are experiencing financial difficulty, it’s important to talk to your lender so that they can help you. Never borrow money that you do not believe you will be able to repay.

Lenders are required to report all non-payments to Credit Reference Agencies. Late and missed payments have a negative impact on your credit rating, and may impact your ability to obtain credit in the future. If you are struggling to meet repayments, please contact your lender directly to make alternative arrangements. Or, get in touch with and we will forward the details for you.

Some lenders may charge a missed payment / late fee of up to £15. Every lender has their own individual policy regarding non-payment or late payments. Please refer to their website for details.