Renewing Your Loan

Things you should consider before renewing your loan; affordability, circumstances, necessity. Is it affordable? What are the circumstances driving you to consider additional borrowing? Does the purpose of the loan make it a necessity? It’s key that you make a careful and considered judgement call rather than an hasty decision. Borrowing funds may not actually be the right answer for every circumstance.

If you’re sure though, you’re definitely in the right place to get the help you need.

When you choose GetMyLoans™, you access a fresher, more flexible way of borrowing. We work with the best and most trusted lenders in the UK, who understand that sometimes, financial circumstances change. If you have additional expenses you need extra help with, or are thinking about renewing your loan, the sooner you can get in touch with your lender to discuss with them, the better.

Our carefully selected lenders typically charge the same or better rates to customers who have successfully repaid loans to them in the past, as long as you still meet their lending criteria and affordability checks.

Your decision to renew your loan should consider any additional costs, your current financial situation, and your ability to repay the renewed loan. Late or non-payment could lead to further interest and/or charges being added to your account.